Your Personal Ranger: Red-Tailed Hawk

I am not quite sure how I wish to word this, it’s one of those moments where English is just not being my friend. Haha! I want to do a little ‘segment’ on a specific bird, plant, or animal species, or maybe even a park!? Just something to help make this blog a little more entertaining. I shall be calling them “Your Personal Ranger” posts, so, here goes the first one!!! 🙂

Your Personal Ranger: Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawks are one of my favorite birds of prey! I have a lot of favorites. 🙂 One of the joys of traveling to/from home and the University that I went too was driving along I80/90 and counting all the birds of prey I could see! Red-Tailed Hawks were definitely the most common, and they are one of the most common hawks in all of North America, with up too 14 different sub species.

Red-Tailed Hawks are of the “Buteo” groupings, which means it is part of the more larger bodied group of hawks. They are known and identified by the color of their tails. Red-Tailed’s have wonderful eyesight, and perch on high trees or telephone poles, scouring the ground for small rodents and reptiles. They are monogamous (only have one partner) and will mate up for life.

Red-Tailed Hawk

This is unfortunately not my photo, I usually see Red-Tailed Hawks when I’m driving through the back roads surrounded by agricultural fields. Which is where I would suggest going if you are searching to see a Red-Tailed Hawk in the wild!

To be successful in birding, I recommend a good pair of binoculars and an easy to read birding ID book. (Message me for some recommendations!) Always remember to be as quiet as possible, and to have water with you!

To read more about the Red-Tailed Hawk, check out National Geographics website!


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