Goals for 2013!

To learn Sign Language.
It’s something I keep realizing would be so helpful to know! Especially with working in the public.

-To become fluent in a second language.
I did take Spanish for four years during my high school career, but I have realized that I don‘t remember too much of it. So I want to get back into it.

-To work on being healthier.
Being as small as I am, many people think that I am in shape, and fit. Definitely not the case, I can hardly open things by my own. Hahaha. Last year I finally worked out how to fix my stomach issues, and now I need to work on getting healthy. (Plus I have a problem with eating my weight in sweets, slight exaggeration.)

-To be a Interpretive National Park Ranger again for the summer season.
It’s my life dream and I am super excited for it too happen again. Right now it doesn’t matter where I go, I will be happy for anything. I am hoping for some place in the mountains, with a forest. I like trees.

-Finally create my photography website to sell photos.
I have had so many people tell me that I should sell my photographs, however, I don’t really have the confidence in myself. I have though, begun to go through my photos, and soon I should have a site up and running.

To become a better birder.
I enjoy birding so much, they are some very cool creations. Dirty and full of parasites, but gorgeous still. I want to know more by sight, that way when someone asks me I can at least get them in the right direction. A ranger is expected to know everything, and I still have lots to learn. 🙂

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