Society wants me to be skinny.

Hmm.. I wonder what point in time, society decided that this was no longer sexy?

We are always so worried about how we look, how much we weigh, what our clothes size are. I don’t think that stuff should matter.
What’s most important is how we feel about ourselves, and if we are healthy.

So many people always tell me, “Oh, I wish I was skinny like you.”

No you don’t. For years I wasn’t able to keep food inside my stomach, I was sick constantly. I couldn’t run, work-out, or do anything too physical. I was skinny sure, but I wasn’t healthy. Nor was I comfortable in my own body.

We shouldn’t worry about what society says or thinks, instead we should aim to be healthy, and happy in our own bodies.

Because our opinion of ourselves, is the only one that really matters.