Today, Pinnacles National Monument has been ‘moved up’ to a National Park! Check it out by clicking here. I read an article online (Yahoo Travel) about what makes it stand out, and I just wanted to share a few parts that I enjoyed.

Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles National Park is now America’s 59th National Park, and was first created a National Monument by Theodore Roosevelt in 1908. The park is known for its rock formations (excellent rock climbing!) from an ancient volcanic field, it’s 30 miles of trails, and has 27,000 acres of wild lands.

The park is also home to the California Condor, an endangered species, which I actually happened to do a presentation on in school. So I’m going to attempt to share it with you guys. Haha. 🙂

California Condors Reintroduction Audio

^If you click the above link it should ask you to open up a power point, then if you view it as a slideshow you’ll actually get to hear my voice?! Yeah, kinda creepy, but that’s how my teacher rolled.