I’m not sure if you guys realize how amazing “man’s best friend” truly is!
Check out this news article I read on Yahoo about Dogs and Cheetahs, its pretty sweet!

As the year winds down, we’re taking stock of what we accomplished and what’s ahead, so we’d like to share our progress. In short, 2012 has been a productive and gratifying year.  A few highlights are worth mentioning:

  • We began the year with three dog teams in the Cameroonian Highlands, helping protect the world’s rarest great ape: the Cross River Gorilla. But instead of sniffing out  individual gorillas, the dogs were finding their dung, which helped track their numbers and where they live, and assess their health, all without disturbing the animals themselves.   (See a slideshow here)

  • We sent 5 dogs and handlers to Minnesota, where we helped the MN Dept. of Agriculture detect emerald ash borer, an invasive beetle having enormous economic and ecological impacts in the upper midwest. The dogs showed that it’s possible to identify ash among other woods (for inspection) and to find…

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