A few Words:

Driving home recently at a ridiculous time in the morning, I was blessed with a few words that came too mind.

PEACE: I love early in the morning and watching the sunrise; there is just something peaceful about everything being calm and still. The Earth and Nature at peace, becoming alive.

MEMORIES: I can never forget anything. I am plagued with moments that I was embarrassed, hurt, or just unhappy with. That’s probably a good thing, memories, either good or bad, help us remember lessons we were taught. Small, gentle reminders on how we should act, and what our consequences may be.

CONTENTMENT: I am constantly struggling with how I feel about where I am at in life. At this point, I’m just waiting, waiting for so many things. But, I was overcame with the sense of being content with where I am. I am loved by my family, and supported by them, as well as my friends. The Lord has blessed me with some amazing opportunities, and I should be (and am) happy with my life.

Thanks for Reading! What do you think?

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