Nature Deficit Disorder: It’s a real thing.

“Nature Deficit Disorder” is a phrase that is slowing beginning to surface in our modern news and media. However, it came to be, back in 2005.
Richard Louv wrote a book called, Last Child in the Woods, which sparked a debate about reconnecting kids with nature. He created the term “nature deficit disorder” to describe the diminishing connection between humans and the surrounding Earth.


Now, even doctors are writing ‘prescriptions’ to people with ailments to just go for a walk outdoors! Being outside, even if just for 10 minutes a day, can help reduce stress, anxiety, worry, and your overall health! Of course, I don’t need to be telling my friends and family this. πŸ˜‰
An article I found on Oh, Ranger! is quite helpful in explaining it, as well as helping you to find a park near you!
“Instead of writing scripts for a blood pressure medication, doctors are prescribing a jaunt in the park to promote a more healthy, active and relaxing lifestyle. Not to mention that taking a walk in your local park is much cheaper than paying for high-cost prescription medication. Find a healthier you while out enjoying the wonders of the outdoors.”

Click here to read more about The Park Prescription Program!

In all honesty, if I go too long being stuck inside, I definitely end up having a mental breakdown. All I need, usually, is too sit outside for 10 minutes, and just watch the clouds go by, or birds in flight, or the wind blow through the leaves. Going for a short walk, or even just laying down for a moment in grass helps me reduce stress, and re-center myself.

There truly is a connection to nature that we must take care off. Afterall, we get everything from this planet Earth! The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we grow to eat!
However, with all our tecnological advances, our cell phones, tv, and work, more and more of our time is spent away from the basics, away from outside.

I’d much rather be outside.

2 thoughts on “Nature Deficit Disorder: It’s a real thing.

  1. I have to be outside at least for a little bit everyday or I start to get sad. A walk surrounded by nature is like prozac for me. It’s a spiritual experience for me. Maybe it’s in our genes?


    1. I would have to say it’s in our “genes” and it spiritual for those who may not even be spiritual! πŸ™‚
      To be surrounded by the things created by the One who created us, instead of the things man has created instead.


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