The Best Ranger You can BE

Unfortunately, this blog post is going to be quite boring, no fun pictures or anything like that!

Today is my Thursday and so far this week I have done six tours/programs of Cliff Palace! Now Cliff Palace is the largest cliff dwelling here at Mesa Verde National Park, and it has very high visitor visitation! Everyone wants to go down to Cliff Palace. 🙂

I was extremely nervous for my first tour three days ago, but each one has gone quite wonderfully! Maybe I didn’t follow along the theme exactly like I wanted too, but the visitors have been enjoying them!!

The best part of my job is meeting all different sorts of wonderful people. 🙂 So far everyone has been enjoying my programs, and I have spoken with many visitors afterwards on a more personal level. I love that part. Just meeting people, and knowing that I did all I could to help ensure they had a good and informative time.

Tomorrow I add another dwelling to my list of tours for the season, and I will probably freak out about them too! Haha!! I just try so hard to hold myself in a professional manner, as well as in an approachable manner. I always say “I want to make a persons vacation better, not ruin it”.

This year I have been blessed with the opportunity to give an evening program at the Morefield Campground in the park. I am so thankful and excited!!!!! However, I’m not quite sure what I wish to speak about yet!! 😀

One thing about the visitors during this time of year, since it’s not so busy, we have more time to talk, and more time for them to be able to ask questions. It’s so wonderful to see people who are so interested in learning about these ancient homes and this interesting culture. The visitors on my tours/programs have been so kind, and thoughtful, and full of kind words to me! It makes my job very rewarding to hear that someone enjoyed one of my tours.

I hope to continue getting better and better as the summer goes on!
If you’re interested in learning about anything in particular, feel free to comment on this post, or write your question on my “questions” page! I’ll try to answer them as soon as I get internet again. 🙂

Thanks for Reading! What do you think?

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