Snakehead: Invasive Species

snakehead-fish_1_072702What does a Fish with teeth that can live on land for up to four days out of water mean? Terror, sheer terror.
Okay, maybe not that extreme, but these things are super CREEPY.

The Snakehead is a species of fish that can move on land, and its loose in Central Park!
Predator fish that walks and breathes is on the loose in Central Park
The fish that is making wildlife agencies skittish is an invasive species native to China, Russia and Korea. Snakeheads are top predators and feed ravenously on other fish as well as frogs, crayfish and aquatic insects. (Your puppies and children are safe. Probably.)

snakeheadsnakeheadmapI have a feeling that if the Snakehead isn’t taken care of quickly, or found a management plan to help them not have an population explosion, they will become like the Asian Carp. (Check out my previous post on the Asian Carp!)

Thanks for Reading! What do you think?

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