The Love of Fire

On Sunday, June 30th, nineteen members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots were killed when the fire they were fighting overcame them.


The Stories of those who died. <Click here to read more about the young men who died doing something they loved.

I always joke with the visitors here that wildfires are the one thing that terrify me. I’ll do blizzards, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes; but the idea of a fire destroying and surrounding me is quite terrifying.
I believe that sometimes we forget how dangerous our loved ones jobs can be, and how amazing these people are for being courageous enough to protect us. To protect and save people they don’t even know.

The firefighters here at Mesa Verde wish there was a fire here, so they could go do the job they enjoy. But I really don’t want it to happen. The care and concern I have for the firefighters at Mesa Verde pushes me to pray for them every night. I understand that not every fire can cause so much damage as the one did on Sunday, but I would rather not experience it firsthand.

Brotherhood of Fire
“Pick up your shovels boys, there’s smoke in the air. Lightning has struck and they need us up there.
Into the trucks and gear, fire knows not the cost. If it’s not stopped, innocent lives will be lost.
The fire is running and there’s no time to spare. Dig that line, drag that hose, bring all forces to bear.
But the wind’s come up, something is wrong. Run boys, run, this fire is too strong!
Pull off your packs and into your shelters. Pray for our children, and for their mothers.
The fire has passed, and so have we. Into the wind, like smoke through the trees.
After they stop that fire they call Yarnell Hill, our brothers will honor us, and drink toasts to their fill.
We’re joining our brothers, in a legendary crew. If others join us tomorrow, please let them be few.”

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