Mesa (Cabin) Fever

Recently over my weekend, I just needed to get away from the park. Unfortunately, most of my friends here have different days off than myself, so I headed out on an adventure on my own! I was definitely was nervous about doing so, but in the end, it was way worth it!

I needed some good road tripping music. ;)
I needed some good road tripping music. šŸ˜‰
Monsoon season causes for a lot of mud slides!
Monsoon season causes for a lot of mud slides!

I decided to head up to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and CurecantiĀ National Recreation Area, and I’m glad that I did! The Canyon was breathtaking! Plus, their Junior Ranger Program was indeed difficult compared to Mesa Verde’s program, but the booklet was amazing.


Junior Ranger!
Junior Ranger!

I was even pleasantly surprised by their visitor center, it was right on the edge of the canyon!
_IGP3926 _IGP3940

The park has small hikes that ledĀ out to view points on the edge, the longest hike lead out to the highest view-point of the canyon.


My favorite view-pointĀ had to be “Dragon Point”. It literally took my breath away, now I’m not scared of heights, but the view was amazing. It dropped straight down and all they had were little rocks to stop you from going any farther!

The Painted Wall.
The Painted Wall.
Does anybody else see an egyptian eye?
Does anybody else see an egyptian eye?

Even for being on my own, I meet some great rangers, and visitors as well! Two ladies actually fed me lunch, they wouldn’t take no for answer. Plus, I actually meet some visitors who were on my tours at Mesa Verde! I ran into them on one of the trails, it was quite funny! I ended up sleeping in my jeep for the night at Black Canyon, and had a cute bunny visit me for a little bit!

There's no place like home?
There’s no place like home?
My camp buddy!
My camp buddy!

The next day I went over to Curecanti National Recreation Area and went on a boat tour through the canyon! It was gorgeous! I loved it! Man did I miss water and rivers. šŸ˜‰
To get to the boat, we had to hike down 237 stairs, and walk 3/4 of mile. Of course, that wasn’t bad, because the scenery was quite amazing!

The Ranger who gave the tour was super! He did such a wonderful job, and I enjoyed learning about the canyon and the water. He made the boat trip fun, but also educational.

_IGP4078Adventuring out on my own was a little nerve-racking, but I have been blessed with only encountering people who are as kind as I am. I’m glad I did it, but it is definitely more fun to enjoy these cool places with someone (family or friends). It was just too much excitement for just myself! šŸ™‚

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