Almost too cool for School!

crayola-logoI have been a huge fan of Crayola since I can remember; there is nothing better than opening up a brand new box of Crayola Crayons! Oh gosh it’s magical!
I apologize, nerd moment. ^

I just recently came across some really awesome news about Crayola and their markers. A group of elementary students from Sun Valley School in California started a petition asking Crayola to create a marker recycling program; the cool part, Crayola listened!
Check out the petition by clicking here.
hero-760x280So began Crayola’s ColorCycle program. 🙂

Crayola offers prepaid FedEx shipping labels to schools throughout the US, and some through Canada, to then be packaged and sent to conversion facilities.

Here is how it works!
“Plastic markers are collected by schools and sent to the energy conversion site. At the facility, the markers are collected in a large container, where the plastic is melted. The hot liquid plastic then travels into a reactor, where the temperature is even higher. The reactor breaks the long molecular chains into shorter ones as a result of the intense heat. The shorter molecules become a gas or vapor and float out of the reactor into a cold chamber. The vapor is cooled to room temperature and turns into a clean-burning liquid fuel. The fuel can then be used to heat a home, run a car or cook food.”

Check out Crayola’s website to learn more!


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