The Clouds Will Rumble

130810_0003Today was a rather interesting day. A very large storm cell seemed to sweep upon us with ease. It looked quite threatening.
I may have been creeped out.
Now don’t get me wrong, thunderstorms are cool, but I have the tendency to be easily scared of things that make me feel incredibly small in the natural world.
130810_0004 130810_0005Here at Mesa Verde National Park, we are between 8,500ft-7,000ft above sea level. So when it becomes rainy and cool, the clouds appear to be very close. Plus in some cases of the park, you actually can drive through clouds!! It’s so neat.

After watching the clouds form together above me, I took off running down the trail to Step House (it was my turn to be down there). Unfortunately, my “fight or flight” instincts leans very heavily to the “flight” side, so once I got scared, I ran all the way down. Thankfully I made it within enough time for the other ranger to run up before the storm hit, and when it did, it hit rather hard. With a lot of lightning and heavy rains/hail.
To be completly honest, I was incredibly scared down there by myself, and it took me awhile to get comfortable.

A snapshot of one of the videos I was taking.
A snapshot of one of the videos I was taking.

The storm cell was large enough that it actually covered the entire park. Once I made it back up, and finally got home after getting quite wet in the rain, I napped for about two hours. Haha!

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