Mid-Season Update

I realized I haven’t really done too many postings on how I have been doing out here at Mesa Verde National Park. I did a little bit a few months ago, but it’s been awhile.

Professionally, it’s been going great! My tours/programs have been following my theme, and visitors seem to be really listening and gaining a connection with these ancient homes. My evening program has been going quite well, and even though I just finally completed it two weeks ago, I only have one more week left of doing it. I’m incredibly happy with the way it turned out, and someday soon, I plan on posting it on here! I have been blessed with so many opportunities here, and just recently I went on training to lead a back-country hike!! I was extremely surprised that they picked me to be one of the few who will lead this hike, but I can’t wait to do my best at it!

In my personal life, it’s been a rough summer. However, I’m finally beginning to learn to look at the positive things in my life. I’m very happy to say, that within the last week, I have come to terms with my frustrations. It’s usually the same frustrations that return again and again. This last time, it tore me down quite a bit. Then one day, I woke up and realized how much I was letting this negativity bring me down. It was affecting my health, sleeping habits, and my time spent with friends. I have begun to read my bible again, and writing in my journal. Everyday, I write down the positives and blessings of that day before I go to sleep.

I have come to the conclusion that, I am perfectly happy with where I am at in life, and who is in my life.

I have a extremely supportive family who is there for me at any moment. I have friends here, and scattered throughout the US, who generally care about my well-being. I recently made a new friend, and can’t wait to get to know this person more.

Life’s really not that bad when I finally reminded myself how to look at the positives again.

dd6b67f92348b36c42e0847c5a8aa0a3Now for this upcoming winter season, I have been applying to NPS positions. It’s just with the budget cuts, and the sequester, there haven’t been too many positions to apply too. My back-up plan, for when I end my season at Mesa Verde, is too go back home and substitute teach until next summer.
However; just like this summer, I am positive the Lord will provide me with a NPS job.
(If it’s in his plan of course!)

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