It’s your Choice

This isn’t meant to be a whiny post, or a complaining post, it’s just some things that I have noticed. After working a hot summer in customer service, I was blessed with not having to encounter too many upset visitors. Which is in fact very surprising!

My friend wrote an excellent post on this topic, and she is a much better writer than myself! Some Friendly Advice on Keeping Your Neighborhood Park Ranger Happy 

Most of the time when someone gets very angry and upset with an answer you give them, the person is just tired from “too much vacation” and “too much fun in the sun”. I understand that, however, getting yelled at in front of a tour group that you are in charge of is a very difficult place to be put in. Or just getting yelled at itself/someone is rude to you can make it extremely difficult to have a good day afterwards.

This just doesn’t happen to just Park Rangers, this happens to any individual in customer service. I feel like, as customers, sometimes we don’t understand or think about how we are coming off to that customer service representative. Is it truly their fault we didn’t read the sign that said “no smoking”? Or if we were having a bad day, do we need to take it out on them? If we don’t like a rule, should we really yell our misunderstanding at someone who probably doesn’t even have the power to change it? Someone who is more than liking answering the same questions all day, and possibly doesn’t have benefits or a decent wage.

What gives us the right to be rude to them?

What happened to the Golden Rule?
Treat others as you would like to be treated.


I know I am young, but I have worked in the customer service world since I was 16. Every time a visitor/customer is rude or mean to me, I try to be extra nice to the next customer service representative I come in contact with. Whether it be the cashier at Wal-Mart, the guy collecting the trash, or a law enforcement agent just doing his/her job; I’m kind, patient, and understanding if the computer system shuts downs, or something else happens that they can’t even control.

 It’s your choice of what type of person you wish to be in this world, and those choices don’t just affect you, they affect every single person you come into contact with.

What type of person are you going to be?


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