Made me think of Home

Molas Pass

Sometimes, on our weekends, my friends and I have the same free time to go exploring. Together, my friend Mariana (Mariana on the Move) and I had two options, head west to sunny and 70* weather, or head east to snowy and 40* weather. We figured east would be more of an adventure!!

We also couldn’t help to “nerd” it up and do a joint blog post together!  View her post, Falling in Love with Silverton and the San Juans, that has my pictures. (Since I am decent at photography, and she is way better at writing! If you haven’t noticed yet.) I will be posting some quotes from her post in Blue, to view the whole thing, just click the link above.^

We dressed warm in long johns, scarves, and hats, and began our adventure early! I figured it was going to be a fun day when we began our road trip singing loudly to Lou Bega and Grease songs.
“We drove to Durango and from there got on the fabled ‘Million Dollar Highway’ north. This spectacular scenic byway winds deep into the San Juan Mountains, and we watched in delight as the seasons changed right before our eyes.”

The views were just breath-taking as we drove higher and higher into the mountains. I had driven this road twice already when it was abundant in different colors of green. However, on the second day of Autumn, we were greeted with yellows, greens, some oranges, and a whole lot of white!

Coal Bank Pass

On a curve in between Coal Bank Pass and Molas Pass.

It was definitely the shock from traveling from Mesa Verde, which the day before was raining and cool, but not cold, to reach the upper mountains and have to throw on more and more layers. The snow reminded me of home; reminded me of Michigan. It brought back memories of sledding, playing with the four wheelers, and everyone just being home together. It was refreshing, after being almost fried out at Mesa Verde with the summer heat that just never seems to go away.


Once we reached Silverton, we were blessed with more Autumn colors, and a surprisingly quaint little town. I like small towns, probably because of the small town my grandparents live in. There is just something about them, they appear content, even though I know it’s a place that is beginning to be forgotten, an area that the present is moving past without looking to see what’s inside.



It was then time for the adventure part, we wanted to drive to some “ghost towns”, however, the road ended up being a bit too crazy for my likings. My jeep, Izzy, did do a wonderful job though for being only two-wheel drive! 🙂
“Eventually we reached a point where the snow on the road had turned to slush, but had not melted in the way we would have liked. Kaitlyn, my fearless driver, made the call to turn around.”


The Gorgeous view the entire drive.
The Gorgeous view the entire drive.
Mariana at the spot we turned around.
Mariana at the spot we turned around.

All in all, it was a great day. A replenishing and refreshing day that was very much-needed by the both of us.


“Back in Durango we crossed the Animas River once again. Instead of the crystal sapphire tones the river had taken back in the mountains, here it ran big and brown from the previous night’s storm and all the mud that must have come with it. Still, I felt a new affection for the river, now that I had seen its birth place.

I’ve loved you since you were born, I thought to myself, contemplating the swollen river, and I’ll continue to love you now, even when you’re old and ugly.

Because that’s what true love is, right?”

Again, check out Mariana’s post!
Falling in Love with Silverton and the San Juans

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