Twiddle My Thumbs

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Welp. I’ve been furloughed… which you would think that it would be fun and enjoyable, to be stuck in a National Park. However, the employees who are living there are not allowed to go on any trails. Here at Mesa Verde National Park, we cannot even go to any of the sites! So instead, we live in a ghost town area. I remember earlier during the summer, just begging for visitors to stop walking down our personal “service road only” where our houses are located. Now I would love for that to happen!

When you work in a National Park, you are usually giving up cell phone service, internet, and TV so you can live closer to you’re job. It’s really not that bad! But I am one of the only rangers who actually gets a little bit of cell service up there! Now though, we are not working, we are roaming around our neighborhoods, trying not to think about if we will get bills paid, if we will even get to work again before our seasons end. (If the Senate passes a bill this weekend though, we should get back-pay ……. whenever they get around to doing that!)

It’s really not that enjoyable, and having so much time to twiddle my thumbs isn’t well for my anxiety issues. Ha!

But then, it is nice to be able to relax.


However, it’s rather boring too? See the issues here? All day long you like it, or you hate it, or you go back to liking it. It just doesn’t create a very healthy mental place to be.

No matter what, I am here until October 19th. That’s when my dad flies out to drive with me, either drive with me home, or drive with me to the next job. (Still looking for that!) So, feel free to message me, email me, and just generally bug me with happy thoughts!


fda3cab1f2eb15dd9f38d252d4681f43Baby Moose to send out happy adorable thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Twiddle My Thumbs

  1. So grateful despite all this that most of us are in the Far View area near each other so we can support and distract each other. I am tired of people commenting on social media that we might get a ‘paid vacation’!


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