Great Horned Owl3

Great Horned Owl

I love owls, they are definitely one of my favorite types of birds!
This spring we even had a pair nesting above Spruce Tree House, and they had three owlets. Adorable fuzzy little things! The pair were Great Horned Owls, like the picture to the left.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see them fly off, however, I did get to watch them grow their “horns”!

A recent study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences shows a link between a birds brain size, and their intellect and stress levels.

Audubon Magazine, did a great synopsis of the study!

Unlike birds with small brains, large-brained birds avoid obstacles by taking action immediately and therefore avoiding the physiological associated with the stress hormone.”

“In the meantime, they’re pretty confident that the famed Mr. Owl and “A Wise Old Owl” are now biologically deserving of their intellectual reputation.”

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