Seasons Come and Go

Today I have to say goodbye to the place that I have called “home” for the last six months. Mesa Verde National Park has been a place of many discoveries, and I’m not just talking about the Ancestral Puebloan dwellings! Coming back for a second season was a very wise idea reflecting on it. I learned so many things, and had many opportunities to grow both professional and personally! I meet so many neat people, that I will remember always.
This park will definitely always have a place in my heart.

Going to miss these Mesa Verde sunsets!

Being furloughed this season was quite frustrating and terrifying. It really made me feel like I was stranded out here. Stranded alone, so far away from home and family, all the while not being able to do the job that I love to do. However, God blessed me with a family that took me in.
My best friend’s boyfriend’s parents …. kind of a tongue twister right?

They let me stay in their home, feed me, and generally adopted me during a really scary time. My family and I are extremely grateful.

Some people don’t believe in angels, but I believe two angels took me into their home when they didn’t need to.
Two Angels being the definition of kind, loving, and caring.
Mr. and Mrs. Lindig, Thank You So Much!

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