On the Road Again and finally home!

Whenever I start to drive back home, to another park, Willie Nelson’s song “On The Road Again” pops into my head. However, traveling is never an enjoyable thing for me, at least the way I travel to get home or to a park. This time though, my dad and I did a “pit-stop” to visit my sister at Missouri State University!


Of course, not technically a “pit-stop”, it did add on more time, however, getting a half day to spend with my younger sister was great! It gave Dad a chance to see her, and gave us a chance to have a break and walk around quite a bit!

If you have never driven across the US in any direction, it’s something I highly recommend! It’s so amazing to see the country change before you, the different types of environments that are located within this  continent is impressive. You can completely understand why they created parks, both National and State!

Some of my Dad’s “favorite things!”

Driving out of Colorado of course was gorgeous, and the mountains will always be in the my family’s hearts.
Heading East back towards Michigan requires that you drive through the great plains area, and where the great dust bowl was. What do you see? Not really anything! Lots of FLAT land and either grazing areas or crops. However, the extreme changes from mountains to plains is just mind boggling.

Dust Bowl Love
Dust Bowl Love

We didn’t go all the way to Springfield, MO the first day; we stopped in Augusta, KS after a 13 hour day. The the next day we only had about another 4 hours until we where in Springfield! Sorry, I’m from Michigan, and we do distances in time not miles. 😉 With my sister we walked around campus, ate lunch and dinner with her, and watched her played soccer in the evening. Most importantly we went to the Bass and Pro Shop headquarters! Something we always end up doing my family goes to Springfield.




As usual, we did run into ran the third day of coming home. For some reason I cannot drive in rain, I would rather drive in snow any day than rain! After another 11 hours, we pulled in the drive way and boy can I tell you how much I missed deciduous trees!


I’m sure many people are curious about what’s next for me, and unfortunately, I don’t even know! Many parks are not hiring winter seasonal rangers due to the budget cuts earlier this year. Now after the government shutdown, many parks are behind in hiring. I am also looking for any job within the Environmental Education field.
So I am staying positive, hoping to only be home for a few weeks before I will be ….On the Road Again.

Thanks for Reading! What do you think?

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