Happy Halloween!


Hello and Happy Halloween folks! The one time of the year you can play dress-up and not get picked on for it!
Okay, not get picked on a lot. The time of the year where we buy or gets loads of candy, enough to sometimes make it all the way to next Halloween. Which isn’t to healthy I’m sure!


The worst part of Halloween is trying to decide what you are going to be!
Unfortunately, the older I get, the more and more society puts pressure on young adult women to dress less and less modestly. It’s really hard to find ideas or to think of costumes when the world views it in a different way.

However, the only thing that truly matters is what we think of ourselves, so if your idea of a Halloween costume goes outside of what societies idea is, I say go for it!

Have fun!
Eat ridiculous amounts of sweets and ignore the small voice inside your head reminding you about cavities, and how much that candy is bad for you. 😉
But it is a Thursday, and you probably have school or work tomorrow …. so not too much fun! 🙂

Poetry from the Brave New Voices Grand Slam Finals at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago.

And of course, who doesn’t love some Mean Girls!

And the absolutely terrifying!

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