The Bum Life

I have been getting a lot of questions by the people I run into, about what I’m doing next, or even what I’m doing now.  Not really sure what I’m doing next job wise, and I am currently just being a bum. There has been a lot of time spent on the couch, in pajamas, fighting off a small cold that I had caught somehow.

131024_0005There’s been a lot of cuddling with four legged creatures.
Enough cuddling that they get jealous of each other!
What can I say, I’m a good cuddler. 😉

For a last minute costume I was a “scarecrow”, and I only dressed up to work in the concession stand at the high school for a volleyball game! Yup, it was very exciting. 😉

I collected leaves!131028_0005

On a serious note, I haven’t been a complete bum, I have been doing whatever odd jobs my parents request. I have been escorting my little brother places, and got to watch him play tennis! I have been at the command of both of my Grandmothers for helping them with errands.

I also was blessed with the opportunity to give a presentation in a high school class on being a park ranger. A family friend teacher invited me to come to her classroom! It was a great way to grow in my public speaking, as well as boost my resume. I would love to do more of those!

I have been applying to jobs still for this winter season with the Park Service. However, with the sequester budget cuts that happened earlier this, many parks aren’t hiring their normal winter seasonal rangers. So if a park has posted positions available, its usually only on vacancy.  I’m doing my best to stay positive, but if I don’t have a position after Thanksgiving, I will have to look for another job. I have applied to other jobs in the Environmental Education field, but I have to wait until after Thanksgiving for them too!

It’s just a waiting game right now, and this is the one time that I actually have patience surprisingly.
Within the next couple weeks I am visiting my friends at Slippery Rock University, heading south to spend Thanksgiving with my sister, and celebrating my parents 25th wedding anniversary.

I still haven’t unpacked my clothes.

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