Flow397 : Making A Difference

It’s always wonderful to find out that there are people who are passionate about our National Parks,
and are doing something to help!

Flow397 is a business that sells Eco-conscious clothing and donates $3.97 of each item sold to the National Parks through two different organizations; the Yosemite Conservancy and the National Park Foundation.

They have lots sweet deals, a good return policy, free shipping over $97.00, and want to know your opinion on what clothes they should have next! A gorgeous webpage right?
Beautifully designed and I really did find their clothing line appealing!
Definitely a store that I will have to remember!

“Despite recognition as “America’s Best Idea”, the National Parks face a continuous siege of threats and challenges that extend beyond the non-profit sector and our government’s capacity. For this reason, Flow397 is committed to donating $3.97 for each item sold to the National Parks. Our iconic heritage and landscape deserve sustained preservation and support. Please join us in our vision. If nothing else, we hope our story inspires you to identify the “joy in living” in your own life and leaves you with the gumption to FIND IT.”


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