DIY: Melted Crayons

**Prepare for one Stinky Smelly craft!**
If you are in the Pinterest world, you may have seen some crafts focused around melting crayons. They have been all the craze, and a pretty simple idea. Somehow attach crayons in a design to a piece of paper, and then use a hair dryer to slowly melt the crayon.
_IGP9944adfadMelting crayons is not a new idea, but different designs and using a hair dryer is!

About every other year my Mother would go through our crayon box and collect all the broken pieces. Yes, we had a crayon box, my family is a big Crayola fan!! After removing the paper wrapping, and breaking them into smaller pieces, she would place them in a muffin tin or a pan. If you melted them in a pan, you could then pour them into different shaped cookie cutters!
*Suggestion: use old pans or muffin tins with wax paper.*131116_0013Place in the oven at 190* for 30 minutes …. checking them every 10 minutes!

131116_0024Melted and then placed outside to cool!


The most recent craft that my Mom and I did is my favorite so far! We found this post, Pieces by Polly: Melted Crayon Art and decided we should try it. All you need are some tea-light candles, your leftover crayons, and paper/canvas/posterboard/whatever you want!
*Suggestion: tea-lights would be best, because if you drop melted crayon on them, it does ruin the candle.*

131116_0016Be sure to tear back the paper wrapping on your crayon!
*If you get the lighter colors too close to the flame, it will burn and turn the color black.*

131116_0021Here is our final product. I will warn you now… this craft is VERY time consuming, we spent all day working on this one craft. It is definitely worth it though! I can’t wait to put these in a nice black picture frame and hang in my kitchen! Whenever I get my own kitchen again!


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