DIY: very simple autumn themed decorations

Recently my parents celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary, and my siblings and I created  a surprise party for them! My parents have taught me so many things about relationships, friendship, and love.
It’s been amazing to watch them grow closer and closer as the years have gone by. It is also great to watch how our relationship as a family also grows better each year as us kids grow older.
Instead of us growing our separate ways, we are all still very entwined together.
Family; is the number one thing my parents have taught me, and I hope to someday be able to add my own little family to this wonderful one.

I wasn’t sure what to do, how in the world do you throw an anniversary party, and what is an anniversary party?
I decided to go with a Fall/Autumn theme, because that is one of my families favorite times of the year. I am very glad I choose that because it was reality easy to make decorations!
I always try to keep things really simple, and sometimes it looks nice, and sometimes it doesn’t. You decide!






The centerpieces for the tables were very simple, and they smelled so good! I just grabbed some medium sized vanilla candles from the Dollar Store, and used tacky glue to stick cinnamon sticks around the bottom. Unfortunately I didn’t purchase enough cinnamon sticks, so I had to cut them in half, but it still turned out okay. I recommend using a hot glue gun, instead of tacky glue because it didn’t really stick that well.
For the little leaves, my grandmother had some leaf punches, and I went to Wal-Mart and helped my self to some paint samples! The wooden heart I purchased at Micheal’s and the posters I created from some ideas I got off pinterest. The quotes are from two movies, Star Wars, and The Princess Bride.


Last but not least, my favorite movie quote poster.
rulethegalaxySome simple ideas, just to make the place look a little better!

Thanks for Reading! What do you think?

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