Nature News and Stories

Here are some interesting articles I found that I thought you may like to read! Ranging from how reducing coal-based pollution is improving air quality to an interesting insight to a country’s history.

A Transformative Victory
NPCA Park Advocate
“In 2011, NPCA helped broker a historic agreement with the country’s largest power utility, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), to retrofit or retire 54 of its 59 coal-fired boilers. This agreement, known as a consent decree, is not only having a measurable impact on air quality, it’s turning out to be a smart business decision for the company. Just last month, TVA announced it will close five of the original 54 boilers ahead of schedule and retire another three instead of installing retrofit pollution controls”

This one is kinda gross, but a good read on the true consequences of polluting our water sources.
Breaking: 9,000 Dead
EcoWatch Transforming Green
“A new study confirms that Duke Energy’s toxic coal ash pollution is killing more than 900,000 fish and deforming thousands more each year in Lake Sutton, a popular fishing destination just outside of Wilmington, NC. Dr. Dennis Lemly, Research Associate Professor of Biology at Wake Forest University and a leading expert on selenium poisoning conducted the study. He analyzed more than 1,400 fish from the lake and found disturbing mutations of the heads, mouths, spines and tails in several species of fish.”

And who doesn’t love dogs?!! And if you don’t, you will after reading this!
Amazing Dogs Working to Save Species and Ecosystems
treehugger“The amazing capabilities of dogs as protectors and investigators have been put to the test in countless ways, and we celebrate a few of them here. Click through to find out about amazing dogs protecting penguins, hunting down poachers, and sniffing out scat for scientists.”

This is a great example of what happens when we don’t thoroughly think through an idea and that as an ecosystem, everything is connected!
The Great Sparrow Campaign was the start of the greatest mass starvation in history
Mother Nature Network
“The problem with the Great Sparrow Campaign became evident in 1960. The sparrows, it seemed, didn’t only eat grain seeds. They also ate insects. With no birds to control them, insect populations boomed. Locusts, in particular, swarmed over the country, eating everything they could find — including crops intended for human food. People, on the other hand, quickly ran out of things to eat, and millions starved.”

Thanks for Reading! What do you think?

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