Don’t forget to keep your pets warm!


I recently came across this photo on Facebook and with the weather most of the country is experiencing,
I thought it was a great reminder!
Remember if you have outdoor dogs or cats, it does take a lot of energy to stay warm. So have water readily available for them and check it often. Also, notice how that wind is just absolutely annoying and breath-taking cold? Be sure your pet has a warm place to hide from the wind from!

I kinda live on the outskirts of my hometown and every now and then we get a stray cat. A few winters ago, we had one live in our garage. He would run out whenever we came in or out, but he became a part of the family. We named him Stinky, because well …… he was STINKY. He made the garage reek, but that’s how we knew he was around. My dad ended up crafting a make-shift home for him to sleep in using scraps of fabrics and towels we had, and even put out some food and drinks. Now Stinky would return every winter for a couple years, but would leave once it go warmer again. (I have been saying ‘he’, but we have no idea if the cat was male or female.)

I now realize that the above story doesn’t really pertain to anything. Anywho.

Here are some great tips on ways to keep your pets warm this winter!
Protect Your Pet During Winter and Cold Weather
How to Care for Outdoor Cats in Winter
How to Build Feral-Cat Shelters
Feral Cat Shelter Options

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