The See America Project : They ‘saw’ me!!

Confusing title? Yeah, I do apologize for that! I’m not quite sure how to word it, so let me just explain it to you!

Picture1The Creative Action Network and National Parks Conservation Association are “reviving the legacy of the New Deal arts projects by inviting artists & designers from all 50 states to create a new collection of See America posters celebrating our shared natural landmarks and treasured sites.” 

They hope to encourage individuals to reconnect with these special places, that were set aside for us to enjoy. The posters start at $25.00 each, and you have the option of them being framed. There are roughly 401 National Park Units, and the “See America” project is a work in progress towards creating one for every national landscape, historic site, and landmark!

I thought, what a neat idea! I want one from every park I have ever worked in! (Or will work in the future!)
However, there wasn’t any made for Assateague Island National Seashore or Mesa Verde National Park……
I ended up making my own, and guess what?!

The Creative Action Network deemed them good enough to put in the collection! SWEET!

And I made two for Chaco Culture National Historical Park, which I visited this summer with friends!
^Click above to read about my adventure!


To see my posters on the “See America” website, search the states Colorado, Maryland, and New Mexico!

Thanks for Reading! What do you think?

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