News and a Life Update

Hello Hello Hello! To the few readers of this blog, I thought I should share with you what’s been happening currently in my life!

Now that I am living down in Virginia, many people have been concerned about if I will continue as a Park Ranger or not. I have to say, that being a National Park Ranger is the goal for this upcoming summer season! I have been applying to many jobs and so far have been referred to at least five different parks. (Being referred means my resume and information was sent to the park!) I haven’t changed my life goals of becoming a permanent National Park Ranger someday in the foreseeable future, but I have been looking for a temporary job down here. Unfortunately my savings is running a little low!

Now that my life update is out of the way, I have some environmental news to share with you! If you haven’t noticed, I am kind of an Nature Nerd and a little bit of an environmentalist. However, I usually like to keep my opinion to myself on social media, because well, people can no longer have polite conversations over social media. I’m sure someday I’ll give a nice rant about it

I do my best to be sure that the articles I share are from a reliable source, or was shared with me from a reliable source!

Here is a reminder about Monday, January 20th; it’s Martin Luther King Day and in celebration and remembrance of him, all National Parks are free admission! Find a park, monument, seashore, lakeshore, or more near you!
Another idea is to check out any service activities happening in your area. The Student Conservation Association is a great place to look!

In some upsetting news, Radio Disney did a program for over 26 elementary schools in Ohio (known as “Rocking in Ohio”) to support hydraulic fracking paid for by the Ohio Oil and Gas Industry. It’s definitely frustrating to hear that Disney was willing to do something like this. Radio Disney’s pro-fracking elementary school tour sparks outrage

Something that may concern you, if you live in the Washington, D.C area, is that scientists have discovered natural gas leaks throughout the city! High enough concentration that it could cause explosions. The leaks have been documented for over a year now, and there has been one incident of a manhole explosion. Check out the article, they got some neat videos too!
Well This Is Rather Alarming: Nearly 6,000 Gas Leaks Discovered In Washington, D.C. : The Huffington Post

I am a strong believer that as humans, our actions is what is creating our destabilizing climate. It appears, that I agree with a large number of scientists. Check out the below Infographic. (Click the link)
Infographic: Scientists Who Doubt Human-Caused Climate Change : Popular Science

Last but not least, if you like politics, a letter signed by 18 environmental groups encourages the administration to abandon its “all of the above strategy” . 
“You can’t have it both ways”: Green groups break with Obama over hypocritical energy policy

I do apologize with the semi-boring nature of this post,
so please enjoy the below photos that don’t have to do with anything I was talking about!

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