DIY: Frosted Windows

One thing since childhood that has always bugged me is uncovered windows at night.
I recently looked into purchasing curtains for the windows throughout the house, and have realized that, curtains are expensive!
Goodness! So, I plan on making my own, which will be a future post!

For the front door, I decided that I wanted to create a “frosted” kind of look.

Untitled-1After some internet research I was reminded about Contact Paper”, which is the brand name I believe.
What it is, is sticky adhesive that is gentle enough to be removed and repositioned. I purchased a roll of Transparent paper, and picked a design that I thought would like nice in the window. The neat thing is about Contact Paper, is that it does actually come off completely and easily, and since I have such a large roll, I can change the design any time I want!

Untitled-2Remember to measure the desired space that you wish to be covered!
I flipped the sheet over, and drew on the back, so my drawing is mirrored from how it looks on the window.
I knew I wanted some sunlight to be unhindered through the day,
so I began to cut out the pieces to create some open spaces and placed them on the window one at a time.

_IGP4927Untitled-3I am pleasantly surprised with how it turned out!

*Now you may be curious to why their are some lines creating spaces in the design I drew. My original idea was to make it a “stained glass” window, and even created one that I painted! However when I tried to place it on the window, all the paint just flaked off! EVERYWHERE! It made quite the mess. I probably should have knew that the paint wouldn’t stay to such a smooth surface.

Thanks for Reading! What do you think?

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