Not your average Super Bowl Post

No matter who you want to win the big game tomorrow, or if you just want to watch the commercials, there is a high chance that you will be consuming quite a bit of food during it! Last year I made a Fruit-Kabob & Dip for a healthier snack choice, check it out!
As you look about your kitchen, living room, or party tomorrow, and see the countless amount of food around, imagine comparing that to the hundreds of thousands of people you see on the TV screen at the arena!

What happens to any of that leftover food after the game?
Do your guests take it home, or do you end up throwing most of it away?
A study done in 2012 by the Natural Resources Defense Council concluded that in the US, 40% of food goes uneaten.

The MetLife Stadium has decided to do something about reducing food-waste during the big game! Sustainable America writes that with the help of 61 different environmental measurements the MetLife Stadium has earned a Certified Green Restaurant designation from the Green Restaurant Association. The largest food operation to earn the certification. The stadium has proclaimed “that it will send all of its waste kitchen oil to be converted to biodiesel fuel, compost all kitchen scraps, and donate all leftover food to feed the hungry, among other environmentally friendly practices.” To find out more about the neat things the MetLife Stadium is doing to help reduce it’s food-waste, please read the original article: Super Bowl Will Put Food Waste to Use – Sustainable America.

Sustainable America also created an Eco Smackdown and compared the two opposing teams city to see which is more sustainable!

Copyright Sustainable America
Copyright Sustainable America

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