DIY: Mail Organizer

 I have an obsession with mail; both e-mail and “snail” mail, and just like how Google creates ways to organize my e-mail,
I decided I needed a way to organize my mail! So I created my own.

Untitled-1 I apologize for the bad picture on the left! As well as the bad photo shop on the edges…. I have a shaky hand today.
I went to my local Goodwill and found a really nice frame I liked and decided to purchase it. It may have been cheaper to go to WalMart and get a frame, but I really enjoyed the wood color and texture of this frame! I also thought to possibly just use the fabric that was in the back, but when I opened the frame up, I couldn’t get the little boy off. I had to then create my own background!

140121_0006 140121_0007I taped some white paper to the poster board that was in the back, and began tracing circles!

140121_0008To create the pockets, I just folded a heavier type of paper (watercolor paper) and hot glued them to the glass.
I made little holes on the edges and strung some string through to keep the fronts in place.

140121_0010140205_0001I certainly like the way it turned out! I hope you do too!


Thanks for Reading! What do you think?

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