Just two things you could do this Presidents Day Weekend

Are you wondering what to do this weekend? Can I make two suggestions? Why not check out …
Untitled-1The Great Backyard Bird Count is a great activity for if you are stuck someplace where it’s too cold to go outside! All you need is a place to watch some birds do their thing, this weekend, February 14-17th. Spend 15 minutes watching/counting what bird species you see, and fill out a quick form online, and boom, you’re done! This is a citizen-science project that started in 1998 by Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society. It helps scientists create data on movement and distribution of wild birds.
Find out more on how to participate by watching the following video created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology!

To check out my post and some pictures from the Backyard Count I did last year click here!

What many people don’t understand about the fee to enter National Parks is the fact that not all parks collect and entrance fee. Only 133 of the Nation’s 401 National Park Units have a fee to enter the park, the parks that do have a fee, 80% of the money collected goes directly to that park for improvements! (New bathrooms, education/visitor centers, roads/trails improvement, park ranger salary, etc) The remaining 20% is then put into a special account for the other 268 parks that do not have an entrance fee. This was put into act by the Federal Recreation Lands Enhancement Act; be sure to check out Sec. 7, which is about page 20. (If you like to read legal mumbo jumbo! As you can tell, I do not!)

*To see an example of how fee collected money is used, check out Zion National Parks, Your Dollars At Work.

This weekend, however, is a FEE-FREE weekend for the park’s that do have an entrance fee!
1798451_10152063151434272_567728052_n (2)
So find a park near you!

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