When a little hike through 16″ of snow feels like a big hike.

IMG_0748bannerOn President’s Day, J and I went for an hiking adventure with one of his friends. We drove to Wintergreen Resort located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Central Virginia. The resort has lots to offer during every season including skiing, hiking, archery, spa treatments, a zip line, and many more! There are many different hiking trails, and we decided to head down a popular trail “The Plunge”, and then down the perimeter trail (Brimstone Trail) for a ways to view a waterfall! In total it was probably only two miles or less, but with the steep terrain, and having to make our own trail through the snow, it took quite a bit of energy! Wintergreen Resort doesn’t have an online hiking map, but they do have a flyer that lists the three top hiking trails. Be sure to check out their website for hiking tips and where to purchase a $3 hiking map!

IMG_0726 IMG_0728 IMG_0731We were surrounded by amazing views as we scrambled down the Plunge and onto the other trails. Scrambling is a great description for it. With the snow being so thick, we weren’t sure of the exact location the trail, and had only the blazes to guide us. It also made it difficult to see where rocks, sticks, stumps, and rather large drifts were at. With every step the snow was within 3″ below or at my knee, so the hiking sticks definitely were a big help! Thanks to J’s friend for lending us his!

IMG_0747 IMG_0754 IMG_0756Thanks to the boys for leading the way and breaking trail for me!
This section of the Blue Ridge, where the Wintergreen Resort is, is called “Old Appalachia” and was created by tectonic events about 250 million years ago. The Alleghenain Orogeny, the current mountain ranger, was created by continental collision.
IMG_0759 IMG_0763It was a beautiful hike, and I am very excited to visit Wintergreen Resort throughout the seasons!
This hike reminded me about why I enjoyed playing in the snow back home in Michigan when I was little. The ridiculousness and silliness of having the snow come up that high, falling, and sliding made me giggle and laugh countless times.

IMG_0765bannerAlso, if you happen to visit, stop by the little town of Crozet and eat at Crozet Pizza! It was delicious!


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