Dolphins, Whales, an Asteriod, And Just Some News

 Hello All! Just thought I could share some neat videos, and news articles I found online this week!

Below is a neat video I found showcasing a huge pod of common dolphins and three gray whales from above! It was captured by Captain Dave Anderson of Capt. Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari in Dana Point, California. Some beautiful footage captured with a GoPro Hero 3 camera attached to a JI Phantom 2 quadcopter.
“Capt. Dave explains, “This is the most beautiful and compelling five-minute video I have ever put together. I learned so much about these whales and dolphins from this drone footage that it feels like I have entered a new dimension! I have not been this excited about a new technology since we built our underwater viewing pods on our whale watching boat. Drones are going to change how we view the animal world. Wow!”

Huge asteroid to whiz near Earth todayTreeHugger
Today around 4:00pm, an asteroid between 60-140 feet will flyby the Earth. Coming as close as 217,000 miles from the Earth, which is 9/10ths closer than the moon to the Earth. No worries though, a chance of a direct hit is 1 in 1 million!

This week is National Severe Weather Preparedness Week.
With the crazy weather we have already had this year so far, we should probably expect more in the future.
“In 2013, there were seven weather and climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each across the United States. These events included five severe weather and tornado events, a major flood event, and the western drought/heat wave. Overall, these events killed 109 people and had significant economic effects on the areas impacted.”

Some sad news from a National Park I hope to work at someday! At Redwoods National Park in California, park officials have decided to close a section of road that drives through a part of the old-growth Redwoods in hopes to deter thieves. Burl-poaching has always been an issue for law enforcement rangers, and is the practice of cutting the knobby growths at the base of ancient redwood trees. Doesn’t sound too horrible does it, but poachers can take up to 8ft-10ft sections off the bottom of the tree.
Check out the article here: AP News : Redwood park closes to deter burl poachers

Below is another sweet film/documentary about Lion Guardians, a program created to help promote sustainable coexistence between people and lions using cultural values, community participation and science.
“The Lion Guardians program was created to help stop the rapid decline of lions. Lion Guardians is a unique approach that relies on and preserves the cultural traditions of pastoralist communities while at the same time actively engaging young warriors in protecting lions rather than killing them. A core belief of the program is that conservation of threatened carnivores should be in the hands of the communities who bear the costs of living with wildlife.

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