What we did wrong while building our own fire pit

Today was a beautiful spring day here in Virginia, and J and I spent the day outside working in the yard. In the morning we transplanted some wild onion that grows in the yard to a little garden patch, but more on that in a different post.

In the afternoon we decided to finally work on the fire pit that we wanted to build. After scoping out an area that didn’t flood much during rain; we marked out a circle and began to dig. We decided that a three foot in diameter would be big enough, but that was our first mistake.* J had planned out that on the inside of the pit we should have a row of stones. Then on the outside, we planned two layers of stone along the rim for a wall.

We had some extra stones and placed them in the center of the pit. Then filled in around the stones to have a flat bottom. We hope it will make it easier to scoop out ashes when necessary. As you can see, there are some kinda large spaces between the stones around the rim. Unfortunately, that happened due to planning something in a different manner. However, we noticed that the breaks in between the stones helped give air to the fire! It can just make for a semi-wobbly wall.Now for some tips if you want to plan and build your own fire pit.

  • Spend some time looking up different ideas online, and find a style you like.
  • Scope out your yard, be sure you find an area that drains well, as well as has no low over-hanging tree branches.
  • Before you measure out what size you want (if you’re using a curved stone) lay it out to see how many you need and how big the circle is.*** This is where we poorly planned. See picture at bottom.
  • If you’re not using a curved stone for the rim, get a stick, branch, or measuring tape the desired diameter in length and lay it out on the ground. Does it look to big or small?
  • Be prepared to not have a perfect circle. You may run into large rocks, or tree roots that can be in the way!

    Last but not least! It doesn’t have to be perfect!!
    Its a place for gathering and enjoying the outdoors, that makes it perfect already.

See the spaces between the stones?

*Any questions or comments? Feel free to leave them below!
Also, this is my first attempt at blogging from my phone and it was rather difficult!
I do apologize for any weird formatting, and I hope to get the hang of it soon!

Thanks for Reading! What do you think?

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