I became a little kid again: North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

ncmns“The building of a museum is a never-ending work. A finished museum is a dead museum, and such a one must deteriorate and begin to lose usefulness from the time its growth stops.”

 If you ever find yourself heading through Raleigh, North Carolina I highly recommend spending some time at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences! Not only is the city great, but this building and its new wing the “Nature Research Center” is amazing!! The exhibits are all done so well, and even as an adult, you practically run from one thing to the next. They had short videos, sounds, hands-on activities, comparisons, dinosaur skeletons, stuffed animals, and even some live animals! All this put together in a beautiful sensible manner.

exhibitsIt’s hard to pick my absolute favorite exhibit, they were just so good! I can pick two that I really enjoyed how they were set up. The whale skeletons were extraordinary. It was a pleasant surprise to turn the corner and all of a sudden see a humpback whale suspended from the ceiling. You end up walking beneath five different whale skeletons. On the second floor there is an overlook that you can walk beside them; with facts and stories about how they received the skeletons!

humpbackNo matter how old you are, the excitement you get when you see dinosaurs can only be expressed by yelling “DINOSAURS!!!” as you excitedly run towards them. The setup of the exhibits was done very well, and the lighting was neat! Made it a little difficult for pictures, but still very neat and very informative.


Overall, this should be a must see if you are traveling through Raleigh, North Carolina.
Bonus: General Admission is FREE!
Please enjoy the rest of my photos in the below slideshow!

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