Ecosia – Helping to plant a Billion Trees from your computer chair


is a search engine that plants trees. Not digital trees, but real trees!
Ecosia cooperates with The Nature Conservancy “Plant a Billion Trees” program, Ecosia is a search engine where you can search, and shop online to help reforest the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. 80% of its profits go directly to The Nature Conservancy to plant trees, and the other 20% is used to keep the company to neutralize all CO2 emissions related to the web search.

———————————————- Why Brazil? ———————————————–

Picture3Are you ready to plant some trees?!

Looking for another way to help the world while you spend your time on the internet?
Check out Daily Good – Good Search

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  1. You find the coolest nature and conservation sites and organizations!

    How’s the ranger job hunt going?


      1. Oh my goodness thats awesome! I cant wait to go to that park one day 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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