Shopping that can make a difference

Shopping has never been something that I have enjoyed. Being a little bit of anxious person, it’s really hard for me to decide on something. What if I buy this and only wear it once? Do I really need this? Most trips will be me just arguing with myself about purchasing an item and I usually end up leaving with nothing. If I do need something like a new pair of pants; I will get in and make the purchase quickly. I’ve noticed though, that having an understanding of where the clothes I’m purchasing comes from or where the money goes makes purchasing easier. How it was made, and who my money is going to help out. Is it sustainable? Does the company give money to certain charities? Are these pieces handmade?

Here are some neat companies and businesses that I have found that offer some great products.
Last year I wrote about the company Flow397, an Eco-conscious clothing store that donates
$3.97 of each item sold to the National Parks System. 


yellowberryYellowberry is another clothing company that you may have seen being shared on Facebook. Yellowberry creates cute bras for young girls who are growing, without making them grow up too fast. Check out this short video below.

Now, I’m not gonna lie, this next company is expensive. However, being the world’s First Fair Trade Certified Footwear factory and a sustainable brand supporting worker’s rights in Africa does have some appeal. Handmade leather shoes, a lifetime warranty, and other great products makes me really hope I convinced you to at least check it out!

Earlier this year I wrote about a neat project called the Nozomi Project. In a nutshell, recycled pottery pieces made into beautiful jewelry. The story behind these pieces makes the purchase worth it. If you’re looking for a great new jewelry piece or a gift for a friend, check them out!

My mother recently found the company Jewelry for Trees, which when you buy a piece of jewelry in their nature collections, they will plant a tree in your name! You can purchase them at most retailers, and I love the nature themed pieces.

If you are looking for other great sustainable fashion, TreeHugger has some great finds!

2 thoughts on “Shopping that can make a difference

  1. Hi Kaiti- Thanks so much for sharing with your world about the Nozomi Project! We love what you are writing about and appreciate your sponsoring what we are doing in Japan as a shop-worthy organization. THANK YOU!


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