So it begins!

After two lazy days of packing, and having Emma the family dog following me around, I leave for Yellowstone today! There was a scare that my background check may not be cleared in time for me to start training. So we were unsure if we should still leave for the park, but we decided to anyways! The plan is to take our time and stop to explore both Badlands National Park and Custer State Park in South Dakota.

Many of my fellow park rangers like to pick on me for having one of my parents drive with me when I head to or leave a park. I think it has its perks, they won’t be worrying constantly while I’m traveling. Nor will I be bored by myself. Between you and me, my parents LOVE traveling west. Who am I to deny them or the free tanks of gas. 😉

For the few of you who read this blog, please feel free to follow me on Twitter and Facebook! I’ll be documenting my adventures and random thoughts through the trip. When I arrive to Yellowstone, the possibility of good cell service and internet access is small.
I do plan on posting on here twice a week once I settle.

Thanks for taking the time to follow me on this great adventure!

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Join me on Facebook

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