Working on the Flat Hat

As any seasonal ranger will tell you, most of your first couple weeks of work is training and getting to know the resource. Right now at Yellowstone National Park, I’m feeling quite overwhelmed at the sure size of the resource. How can you learn everything there is to know about the park in two weeks, and write your programs with that newly gained knowledge? Homework. Lots of reading, writing, asking questions, and exploring the park. It doesn’t really seem like you have any free time. At least, that’s how it is for me anyways! 🙂 After awhile you start to get the hang of things and suddenly all those facts and theories you were reading makes sense.

Currently I’m lost in books and writing my programs but did want to share a little bit with you.

Wildlife Sightings (Not an individual count of species)
Grizzly Bear Views: 9
Bison Views: 22
Bighorn Sheep: 2

Once I get a normal schedule going again, I do plan on blogging regularly and letting you know how things are going here at Yellowstone Lake.
The ice is beginning to break up, and it’s getting warmer during the day!

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