Time on Fishing Bridge

I’ve only been in uniform for two days so far, but it already feels like I’ve been here for a while. I think that’s a good sign!
I feel like I am beginning to get an understanding of the area, and what type of questions I will be answering daily.

Can I just say that I love my job? It feels so good to be back in uniform and speaking with people. The winter months of no park job is quite upsetting and depressing when I compare it to my time now. The amount of visitor contacts I get here is so impressive! Just walking out the door I am answering two questions and having a conversation with others. I can already tell I am going to get in trouble with my timing if I keep my mouth going at the rate it is now. 🙂

I am still struggling a bit for getting cellular connection and being able to share photos and videos with you guys. I do hope I can solve this issue soon, because I have so much stuff to share already! Yesterday (its my weekend), I was sitting down at Fishing Bridge to study and do research for my River Reflections program that will take place there. At least, that was the plan! Instead I had to run home and get my camera to take pictures of ice staking up next to the bridge.

Just four days before, my supervisor and I were speaking about the large expanse of open water between the shore and the ice line on Yellowstone Lake. Then three days ago, huge sections and chunks of ice was pushed along the shoreline. The next day, I noticed a few small pieces of ice floating up the Yellowstone River under Fishing Bridge. Finally, because of those windy days, the ice sections began to pile up against Fishing Bridge on the south side. I hope to post a video I took soon, the noise the ice would make was almost deafening! As it would take a while to build enough pressure to push some ice under the bridge.

Today, there hasn’t been any ice at Fishing Bridge, but we can see it piling up along the lake shore.
Just waiting for another windy day to push it downstream.

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