A few of Yellowstone’s Blooms

Mountain Forget-me-not : Several small flowers in leafless clusters, corolla blue to purple, rarely white, 4-8 mm wide with a yellow eye. Flowering between June and August.
I found them on Mount Washburn on both hiking trails leading to the summit; Dunraven Pass and Chittenden Road. As well as driving from Canyon Village north to Tower-Roosevelt going over Dunraven Pass

Wyoming Paintbrush : Flowers, petals clover like in shape, appear in pinnacles or spikes between June and September. Colors range from orange, red, pink, salmon, and fuchsia. Wyoming’s state flower.
I found these flowers almost everywhere in the park, ranging from high mountain passes to sagebrush communities. There are many on the East Entrance Road leading to Cody, WY.

Mountain Blue-eyed Grass : Flower stalks slender, singular with one flower per stem. Flowers blue to bluish-purple, 6 petals with anthers yellow. Blooms between May and July.
Found by accident near a small pond/grassland area in Lamar Valley.

Lupine (with Pea) : Flowers are in open whorls on a spike, each flower 1-2 cm long, light or dark purple. Part of the pea family in late summer you can begin to see pods. Blooms June-August.
The best places I have seen lupine are in the sagebrush communities; both Lamar and Hayden Valley are a mixture of light purple and light green.

Blue Penstemon : Leaves clustered near base and flowers clustered together on a spike. Often bright blue to dark blue with some pink. Blooms May-July.
Usually found in dry open areas on sagebrush slopes, I found most of my in Lamar Valley and on the Storm Point Trail.

I just wanted to share a few of my favorite flowers that I have found in Yellowstone so far this summer!

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