The Teton Range

Nerding it up with the Teton Range

Recently I was able to visit Grand Teton National Park just south of Yellowstone with my parents. We did lots of hiking while we visited over my weekend and I hope to share some photos and stories of the hiking we did! First I just want to share a few cool things I saw or enjoyed while visiting.

Finding a campsite took a bit of time since most of the campgrounds are first come first serve. We got there a little too early for most people to even be up and eating breakfast yet!
Our original plan was to get a campsite at Jenny Lake, but as we pulled in we decided that was a bad plan. The campground is quite small and the road through is very narrow. Only tent camping is allowed, but it kinda felt like the campsites were one on top of another. We quickly got out of there and made our way to Signal Mountain campground. We found a great spot that had one neighbor on the side and lots of trees surrounding us.

I really enjoyed the idea of re-using and sharing hiking poles and sticks!
While I was given Bear Spray to wear when I left my apartment here, my father carries a rather large knife when he hikes in bear country. 😉

WP_20140812_13_33_10_ProA visitor decided they needed to share their opinion about stapling small pheromone pouches to the trees. As a visitor myself, I feel the need to also express my opinion about why I don’t agree with them. It is true that the trees could get small infections from the tiny staple holes but the trees probably won’t die from it.
However, if the tree gets infected by the mountain pine beetle it will die. As will the Whitebark Pine trees around it.

One of the things I really wanted to do was find a river and go looking at rocks! Its something my Mom and I could do for hours or even all day! I enjoy wading, skipping rocks, and finding neat looking rocks. Before we went to this spot along the Gros Ventre River outside of Grand Teton National Park; there was a couple of people fishing. It looks like they weren’t too careful with the trout above because Dad found it floating in the water. Nothing upsets a fisherman more than finding a ‘just died’ fish because someone wasn’t careful removing the hook. Of course, it was probably by accident; still sad though.

I found a new flower! One I had not seen before.
Prince’s Pine

Coming up throughout the week. Pictures from our hikes in Cascade Canyon, up to Amphitheater Lake, and Phelps Lake.