Book Review – Yellowstone Has Teeth

Teeth_low_res_cover_72dpiYellowstone Has Teeth
A memoir of living year-round in the world’s first national park
Marjane Ambler

Written with grace and intimacy, Yellowstone Has Teeth shares the untold stories of the men and women who live and work in Yellowstone National Park and are forever changed by their experiences.
​The beauty was stunning, the dangers real, and the experience deeply challenging, physically and mentally.
Less a book about nature (although nature is exquisitely described), Yellowstone has Teeth is about community and the comprehension of self that comes from relating to others in a sometimes hostile environment.” 

     Many of my colleagues recommended that I needed to read this book and I can see why they did. I even got to meet Marjane one day in the Fishing Bridge Visitor Center where she worked years before me. This is a great book about Marjane and her husband’s time spent in Yellowstone through the winters of 1984-1993. She writes about her adventures, the adventures of her community members, and other rangers in the interior of the park. It was a book I couldn’t put it down and honestly I finished it in five hours. (But I don’t have much to occupy my time with on the weekends. Haha)

I enjoyed her thoughts on early women in the National Park Service and the difficulties they had. During a time when it was still a “man’s world” and most women followed the man. I am very thankful to them paving the way for me. However it also makes me a little nervous about my life. I have always had the idea of getting married, having kids, and a yard. Then I decided to follow this dream of being a National Park Ranger. Having kids living in a National Park is difficult; just like it was back then. Plus, it’s kind of hard to work on a relationship when you’re separate from each other for long periods of time. She also writes about something I can definitely relate to, “cabin fever”. Of course, she writes that no one in the little community ever says they experienced it; I have. Maybe not the words cabin fever but being so isolated is hard for me. It makes me a little depressed and lonely. What can I say; I don’t do well on my own.

I realize that this isn’t much of a book review, but it made me think about a lot.
I think it’s a great representative about how living in National Parks can be.


One thought on “Book Review – Yellowstone Has Teeth

  1. At least you’ve contemplated loneliness long enough to understand what your limits are. That’s more than many people.

    I’ve never reached my own limits on being alone, so I don’t know what they are for me. I always have something to keep me very much occupied — photography, reading, art, writing, creative pursuits, watching critters, cooking, etc. I usually run out of time in the day before I ever run out of things to keep me mentally stimulated.


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