Four months.

That’s how long I was an interpretive Park Ranger at Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone National Park.

Normally when it comes time to leave the park I am dying to get out of there. Not that I haven’t enjoyed the other parks I worked at but they just didn’t feel right. I look forward to going home to family and being with my boyfriend. Yet, I don’t want to leave Yellowstone. I thoroughly enjoy my job here and my coworkers. It’s sad watching programs end and having my coworkers leave. I have had so many neat experiences and memories.

When you visit Yellowstone, it becomes a part of you.

It feeds the soul and leaves you wanting just a little bit more.

2014 has already been an amazing year; it will be interesting to see what else it holds!
This winter I was very BLESSED to get a job at Mesa Verde National Park again. Beginning in December I will be leaving for Colorado yet again.