Fun News Friday…. or something like that

I thought it would be neat to write a post on Fridays, or maybe when, with neat news or other cool things I want to share with you.
However, I seem to lack creative juices at the moment and can’t figure out what to call it….. I’ll work on it. I also want to warn you for my horrible writing skills. I seem to be having a hard time making complete, grammatically correct sentences.


_IGP8846 (2) On Tuesday November 11th- The National Park Service is waving all entrance fees for all parks for all visitors. I recommend finding out what events may be taking place near you! Go connect with your National Park areas that people have been fighting and fought for you to have.
I’ll be heading to the Williamsburg area again to take part in the events there! Historic Jamestowne – Yorktown Battlefield

passportcontestDo you have a favorite photo of scenery taken in a National Park? Or do you like seeing beautiful photos of our National Parks? Check out this photo contest! Open Nov 3rd-Nov 16th. “The winning image will be used in the Passport To Your National Parks® Mobile Application. Plus, the photographer of the winning image will receive a Passport Prize Pack, which includes a Passport Explorer, a Passport Expander Pack, a Passport Kids’ Companion, a Passport coffee mug, hand-blown glassware from the Jamestown Glasshouse, an annual stamp set for 2012, 2013, and 2014, and an America’s National Parks DVD/ BluRay Video/ Passport book Combo.” Interested? Click the image.

natureisspeaking This is pretty cool! #NatureIsSpeaking is a social media tag created by Conservation International to help raise money for different environmental projects. They also have some short videos, Nature is Speaking, voiced and supported by different Hollywood actors and actresses to watch. Every time you use #NatureIsSpeaking HP will give $1 to Conservation International – up to 1 million dollars!

wolfNews you probably have already read, but something that I think is super cool; a gray wolf has been spotted along the North Rim of the Grand Canyon!
“In the early 1900s over 30 wolves on the North Kaibab, including Grand Canyon National Park, were killed by government hunters,” said Kim Crumbo, conservation director for Grand Canyon Wildlands Council. “The possibility that a determined wolf could make it to the Canyon region is cause for celebration, and we must insist that every effort be taken to protect this brave wanderer.
Gray Wolf Spotted – Center for Biological Diversity
Conservation Group Says Gray Wolf Spotted On North Rim Of Grand Canyon National Park
Listen to a 30 minute public radio interview about Yellowstone Wolves



Well-thanks for reading my nonsense posts! Means a bunch to me.



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