And it Snows And its Cold And it Snows

I hope you read the title of this post to the tune of “let it snow let it snow let it snow”.

I made it. I made it across the country (pretty much) to my first winter seasonal position with the National Park Service at Mesa Verde National Park. I did two summer seasons at MEVE in 2012/2013

It was an adventure my first day on the job because I needed to drive my mother to the airport before work. Unfortunately, it snowed for the first time in this area, so the roads were kind of bad. Its been a few winters since I have had to drive in snowy conditions. To be honest its been awhile since I have been around snow. If you have been following me on my Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook page (goodness) you probably are noticing that I am quite cold.

What I am learning from my season so far is to slow down. Mesa Verde’s off-season is quite relaxing compared to the summer season. The amount of visitors is small and the resources open are limited. However, it makes it much easier to connect with the visitors that are here. I still need to learn to slow down at work.

Park Rangers are lucky; we get to experience the Nation’s National Parks in moments that are just breathtaking. The quiet of the morning walking from my car to the museum. Of course, they are the same moments you can have…… if you take the time to have them.

I urge you to visit your favorite Park in the opposite season you normally do. The differences can almost make it appear to be a completely different park.

Thanks for Reading! What do you think?

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