“What type of Turkeys do you have?”

Sunrise on the Mesa Top from Far View
Sunrise on the Mesa Top from Far View

What an interesting question, to my knowledge we just call them wild turkeys? 🙂 Haha! So began my research in the different species of wild turkeys there are throughout the United States. Most of my coworkers believe that turkeys are native to this area, however, I found one article that states they came with the Puebloans. So, I will have to look more into that! I also began to do more research on dogs and how they became domesticated and the purpose or use of them for the Puebloans.

That right there pretty much sums up my life.
Oh, and applying for jobs! Applying season has begun and parks are beginning to post what positions they have available on USAJobs.gov. I am very interested in returning to Yellowstone again this summer, but the opportunities of new job duties is beckoning me. Of course, I would love to move up the pay grade a little bit and the responsibilities that come with it, but I may still be a little low on the food chain for that. In the meantime, I plan on continuing adding on whatever my supervisors need me to do here at Mesa Verde and continue my training in Interpretation.

The weather here has been kind of strange. Its been warm for this time of year, and when we do get snow, it doesn’t seem to last for very long. A few nights ago the predicted forecast was 5-9″ of snow overnight. A lot of us were skeptical of that, but it happened! We got at least 10-12″ where I live and the park had a delayed opening* in the morning. While the road crew was busy clearing the main road, my fellow coworkers where tying to dig out their cars. Normally this amount of snow isn’t a big deal, but it was really wet and thick (since it was warmish). I got out the snowblower and was very proud of myself when I was able to pull start it! I plowed the sidewalk for my housemate and myself; we had the day off. It took until the afternoon for the road crew to come plow our road and once they did, my housemate and I headed out for some social calls and snowshoeing.
*Heading to a National Park this winter; check out their website for the Roads Conditions Hotline.

Snow on My Jeep
Snow on My Jeep

We went snowshoeing around the Far View sites on the Mesa Top and it was amazing. Being the first ones to head out there we were careful to stick to one side and only make one lane of tracks. The animal tracks we found though were impressive! I was almost more excited about those than the Ancestral Peubloan homes covered in snow!

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