Ten Reasons Why Death Valley is to Die For


By Valerie Coffey

Photo: TripAdvisor

Death Valley is one of America’s most “to die for” National Parks, and it’s one of my favorite places in the world. I’ve visited the park perhaps seven times in four decades. It’s a must-see National Park if you like natural beauty, mountains, the desert, or history. Here’s why:

Death Valley, situated about three hours west of Las Vegas in the Mojave Desert, is a region of extremes — it is the lowest in elevation, the hottest in temperature and the driest in recorded rainfall in North America. It’s also one of the quietest places, and perhaps the darkest region of the U.S. at night. It’s not so much a single desert valley as much as a region consisting of several valleys, plateaus, and mountain ranges in Eastern California’s Mojave Desert. Its name comes from pioneers (the Lost 49ers) who struggled to cross this part of the…

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One thought on “Ten Reasons Why Death Valley is to Die For

  1. Thanks, Kaiti May! Few people have any idea how awesome Death Valley is. They laugh when I say it’s my favorite place, like it’s absurd. Mitch is now a convert. I got him with the hikes and amazing views…and that JEEP adventure! If nobody else figures out how great it is, that’ll be okay by me. Last thing I want is for it to get too crowded. 😉

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